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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Paradise Parasols!  Below you can find all the information you could ever want about who we are, how we're doing it, and how you can get help if you need it.

Have a question not answered here?  Please contact us and we'll answer within 24 hours!

About Us

Paradise Parasols is a small sole-trader owned and operated by New Zealand-based author, artist, and entrepreneur, author, and artist, Victoria Dreyer. In addition to Paradise Parasols, Victoria operates The Cheeky Kea Charitable Trust, CK Swagworks, CK Printworks, and has published several best-selling science fiction series.



Product Information


Q. Who makes your products?

Our products are manufactured by the lovely, talented team at the Wei Ying Trade Company in Yiwu City, in the Zhejiang Province of China. 

Q. I've heard products made in China are low quality. Is that true?

No!  There is as much variation amongst manufacturers as there is amongst human beings on this earth, and I've chosen a manufacturer who is reliable and only produces the best quality work. I believe in them so much that I'll guarantee their craftsmanship - just see the Warranty Section below!


Shipping Information


Q. Where do your products ship from?
Our products are shipped directly from our factory in the Zhejiang Province of China to your door. We trust our manufacturer, so shipping factory-direct means that we can pass those savings along to you, our wonderful customers!
Q. How long will my order take to arrive?
The exact timeframe for delivery depends on where you are located in the world.  Estimated delivery timeframes are 14-30 days for most countries under normal circumstances. Please note that global events such as COVID-19 may result in unexpected delays.  
Q. What do I do if my order hasn't arrived?
Contact us! Rain or shine, Paradise has you covered! 
Q. What do I do if my order arrives damaged?
Contact us! We'll hook you up with a replacement, and have some grumpy words with the courier company for damaging your pretty new parasol!  
Q. What do I do if I receive the wrong item?
Contact us for that, too! We'll sort it out. 
Q. Do I have to pay import, duty, or customs clearance fees on my order?
That depends on the laws where you live. Some countries will require you to pay an import levy since your order is coming in from overseas.  Please be aware that we cannot collect your import levies for you, so you may need to pay additional fees to get your pretty new umbrella through customs. Sorry!
Warranty Information
Q. Do Paradise Parasols come with a warranty?

Yes!  All Paradise Parasols come with a 12 month global warranty against manufacturer's faults.  Please note that this does not cover general wear and tear, improper care, or rough usage. Our umbrellas are tough, but you still need to treat them with kindness to get a proper life out of them! 

Please note: the warranty excludes the decorative sleeve.